CityWoman Part II

I’ll admit to being pleased to see that the CityWoman section on the Club’s website has, more or less, been laid to rest. I say more or less because the text currently there is rather vague.

Two ‘administrative’ points worth making are:

*the ‘Features’ section mentioned doesn’t appear to exist. If it does, it’s not at all easy to find.

*the last sentence says “Now tell us what being a City Woman means to you” but there is no mechanism on the page to do this, nor any indication as to the best way to contact the Club about it.

(This webpage looks almost unfinished, but it has been like this for a few days now so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume that this is the final version.)

As someone who was critical of the CityWoman section when it appeared, I would love the opportunity to take part in any ongoing discussion, but having read and reread the text on I am still not clear as to what City intends or wants. The sentences “We now want to hear more about how you want your voice to be heard” and “This is your community, your space, your voice” does imply that City wants a section of the website to be dedicated to female supporters.

I wish I knew where the feeling that there needs to be, or ought to be, a woman-centric part of the site originates and I am stumped as to what range of content would have enough appeal to all women, bearing in mind they visit the site because of the football … which is already well-covered 🙂

I can only presume that any proposed content would be ancillary, if not entirely separate, to the football itself, which brings me back to why? Why is there any need or any desire to create this content? If I want non-football information or articles, I would go somewhere that had more expertise in providing this information whether that was another website, a magazine or a book. I sincerely believe that if City were to try and produce ‘magazine-style’ content they would find themselves up against such tough & established competition that it would make The Champions’ League look like a Sunday Pub Tournament!

I can see that there could be scope to provide information & advice around health and fitness generally, some of which may be gender-specific but would not warrant completely separate sections of the site for women or for men. Under-16s are already catered for with CityKicks.

Credit to MCFC, they have already – on CityVoice – sought opinions and suggestions from women about club-branded clothing.

I haven’t changed my original opinion that there is no need for a CityWoman site. The common bond between all visitors to is football. The common bond between “women associated with Manchester City” – beyond two X chromosomes – is supporting City. Supporting a football club is unifying: it doesn’t matter what sex you are, how old you are, what your occupation is, what your other interests may be. The only thing you might have in common is the Club. And what a wonderful thing to have in common that is!